Gymnastics with Sanne & Lieke
Follow and walk into our training
Gymnastics requires extreme flexibility
Training Uneven Bars Handstand
Handstands for fun
Uneven bars preparation 
Balance beam preparation 
Rope climbing by Lieke
Training - Early preparation june 2014

Her we're starting our preparation for the World Championship qualification (2014).
Qualification will be august / september. The WC is in China - Nanning - Oktober.

Lieke                    Balance Beam             Sanne  
How did Lieke get the bruses?
In the back you see Sanne on bars.
See how Sanne works her way up to good connections and finish with a tripple pirouette !

Lieke practices her final jump from the Balance Beam

Uneven Bars    Here is Sanne's  training on Uneven Bars
Sanne in competition (with Vincent)

Uneven Bars practice
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Sanne BB 1
Sanne BB 2
Sanne Bars1                                                Sanne Bars2                                                  Sanne Bars3
Sanne Bars4                                                Sanne Bars5                                                  Sanne Bars6
Lieke Floor excercies 1                                 Lieke Floor excercies 2                               Lieke doing jumps for her floor routine

Site view ordinary camera Uneven Bars training - July 2014

Here you see the practice enz.... of parts of the full final routine.

Building up to a full UB routine.
Especially in the beginning of the preparation it takes getting used to... specific stamina!
UB Sanne 1                                                UB Sanne 2
UB Lieke 1                                                UB Lieke 2                                                      UB Lieke 3
UB Lieke 4                                                UB Lieke 5
Handstands 1                                                Handstands 2
Handstands 3                                                Handstands 4