Gymnastics with Sanne & Lieke
Physical Training - the Movement Efficiency Program   
Hello, I'am  Tom Leenders - Strength & Conditioning
In may 2010 I started training with women gymnasts. I devised a new type of physical training to be added to the regular gymnastics training.

It turned out to prevent a lot of injuries.
This use of free weights is based on 
Movement Efficiency*  TonLeenders.NL

More information will follow.

Training in Nijmegen   

The Movement Efficiency Program is physical training very different from regular Strength & Conditioning but it is related. It has been developed during 30 years of training with hundreds of international top athletes in more that 20 Olympic disciplines. ME-TL is used by Sanne & Lieke and e.g. in Dutch speed skating.

Sanne in the training with the proffesional
skating team LottoNL-Jumbo   
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Lieke front squat
Lieke back squat
Easy routine snatch for Sanne
Not so easy - no routine
Finally !
End of training - back home
Training - Preparation July 2015
photo by C. Mureau
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